Energy Probes

RjP-400 Series
- Compact, Modular Design
- Integral 1" (25mm) Filter Holder
- Variety of Detectors

The RkP-400 Series probes consist of a compact detector assembly, or head, and a preamplifier housed in a separate enclosure. The external dimensions of all the 400 Series Probes are the same, with identical detector planes, allowing for easy interchange of probes in an experiment. The heads have both ¼-20 and M6 tapped holes, a built-in 1" (25mm) filter holder, and a side-mounted BNC connector. Probe specific data, including spectral response curves and calibration dates, is stored in the preamplifier for access by the instruments.

RjP-445 Optimized for high pulse repetition rate sources, the RjP-445 pyroelectric probe measures true energy per pulse up to 1kHz. Broadband spectral response, µJ sensitivity, and 1 cm2 active area make this the probe of choice for fast lasers.

Brochure RjP445.pdf

RjP-465 This 1.0cm2, UV-enhanced silicon probe has picojoule sensitivity (fJ resolution) from 180 - 1100nm, perfectly suited for low-energy LIDAR and target designation applications. Model RjP-466 extends the maximum pulse repetition rate from 500Hz to 2kHz.

Brochure RjP465.pdf

RjP-485 The only large-area (5mm diameter) InGaAs energy probe available, the RjP-485 offers picojoule sensitivity, superior thermal stability, and 200Hz speed in the mid-IR (0.7-1.8µm) wavelength range - the best choice for calibrated eye-safe laser measurements.

Brochure RjP485.pdf

RjP-495 Covering the same wavelength range as the RjP-485, the RjP-495 Germanium energy probe combines sub-nJ sensitivity, 200Hz pulse repetition rate, and a large (>1.0cm2) detector active area for maximum versatility and ease of use.

Brochure RjP495.pdf


RjP-600 Series
- Integrated Preamplifiers
- High Speed Operation
- Measure Total Energy and Fluence

The RjP-600 Series energy probes integrate the detector and preamplifier in the same enclosure, thereby maximizing signal integrity between the detector and preamplifier. This permits longer cable runs between the probe and instrument, as is often necessary in production environments. Probe specific information, like calibration date and wavelength response curves, is stored in the probe for access by the instrument. Other features include interchangeable filter holders and ¼-20 mounting hole.

RjP-637 This cavity pyroelectric probe extends pulsed energy measurements to 500Hz. An exceptionally flat spectral response and precision 1.0cm2 detector aperture make it easy to measure pulsed radiometry and fluence from µJ to Joules. Model RjP-636 allows for longer pulses (200µs) at a lower rep rate (200Hz).

Brochure RjP637.pdf

RjP-667 This UV-enhanced silicon energy probe is ideal for monitoring low-energy, pulsed sources in an industrial environment. It features UV to near-IR (180-1100nm) wavelength response, picojoule sensitivity, and a maximum pulse repetition rate of 500Hz. Model RjP-668 extends the maximum pulse repetition rate to 2kHz.

Brochure RjP667.pdf

RjP-700 Series
- Large Area Detectors
- Long Pulse Capability
- Integrated Preamplifiers

The RjP-700 Series probes are designed to measure lower pulse repetition rate, longer duration pulses - up to 1msec pulse width at a maximum rep rate of 40Hz. This allows for measurement of pulsed flashlamps and other sources not possible with other probes. The combination of large area detector surface and long pulse width allow for measurements up to several Joules total energy. Integrated preamplifiers allow for longer probe-to-instrument cable runs, useful for manufacturing environments.

RjP-734 This large, 5.0cm2 cavity pyroelectric probe is ideal for pulsed laser diode, LED, or other diverging light sources. The cavity configuration has a flat spectral response from the UV to far-IR, and is capable of measuring 10µJ to 2J per pulse.

Brochure RjP734.pdf

RjP-735 Perhaps the most versatile 700 Series probe, the 1.0cm2 cavity pyroelectric probe can measure total energy and fluence with sub-µJ sensitivity. The RF version extends the far-IR response into the millimeter regime.

Brochure RjP735.pdf

RjP-736 This 50mm diameter pyroelectric probe is designed for high-energy, large-area beams like those produced by Excimer lasers. Capable of withstanding 10J per pulse, the RjP-736 can be used to monitor industrial lasers.

Brochure RjP736.pdf

RjP-765a Incorporating a UV-enhanced silicon detector with picojoule sensitivity (fJ resolution) from 180 - 1100nm, this probe is perfectly suited for low-energy flashlamp, laser rangefinder, and target designator measurements.

Brochure RjP765a.pdf

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