Power Probes

RkP-400 Series
- Compact, Modular Design
- Integral 1” (25mm) Filter Holder
- Variety of Detectors

The RkP-400 Series probes consist of a compact head containing the detector and a preamplifier housed in a separate enclosure. The external dimensions of all the 400 Series Probes are the same, with identical detector planes, allowing for easy interchange of probes in an experiment. The heads have both ¼-20 and M6 tapped holes, a built-in 1” (25mm) filter holder, and a side-mounted BNC connector. Probe specific data, including spectral response curves and calibration dates, is stored in the preamplifier for access by the instruments.

RkP-465 The RkP-465 features a 1cm2, UV-enhanced silicon detector with a spectral response of 180-1100nm. Power measurement is from pW to 1mW, with full scale ranges of 3nW to 3mW.

Brochure RkP465.pdf

RkP-485 This 5mm diameter, large-area InGaAs detector offers pW to mW sensitivity from 0.8-1.7µm. It has superior thermal stability, allowing for accurate measurements without thermoelectric cooling or other temperature stabilization.

Brochure RkP485.pdf


RkP-500 Series
- Synchronous Detection
- Integrated Optical Chopper
- Superior S/N Ratio

The RkP-500 Series probes take advantage of synchronous detection (chopper/lock-in amplifier) technology to offer unparalleled background noise rejection, S/N ratio, and sensitivity. Total power, average power, and irradiance can be measured. The probes can be mounted directly onto the Rk-570C Optical Chopper to form an integrated measurement system, or the chopper can be operated remotely from the probe.

RkP-575 The RkP-575 pyroelectric probe features a unique cavity (“light-trap”) configuration that yields superior spectral flatness for broadband measurements – better than ±1% from 0.25 – 2.0µm. 7 decades of dynamic range (µW to 10W), fast response time, and a precision 1.0cm2 detector aperture make this the ideal probe for absolute radiometry and irradiance measurements.

Brochure RkP575.pdf

RkP-576a This is a UV-enhanced silicon probe specifically for low-power, near-UV to near-IR power measurements. Superior detector responsivity combined with synchronous detection allows for stable, accurate measurements from picowatts to milliwatts.

Brochure RkP576a.pdf


RkT Thermopile Series
- High Damage Threshold
- Broad Spectral Response
- Compact Head

The RkT Series thermopile power probes are ideal for measuring Nd:YAG, CO2, and other mid-power lasers. The probes are designed to withstand average power densities up to 20kW/cm2 (15MW/cm2 peak pulse power density). The flat UV to far-IR spectral response allows the probes to measure broadband sources as well. Measure the power of cw sources or the average power of sources pulsed at 5Hz or greater.

RkT-10 The RkT-10 offers sub-mW sensitivity, flat spectral response, and high power density capability. Advanced thermal management techniques allow for a compact design capable of continuously dissipating 10W total power.

Brochure RkT10.pdf

RkT-30-CAL Similar to the RkT-10, the RkT-30-CAL extends the power handling capability to 30W. In addition it offers the electrical substitution CAL Option for easy verification of the measurement accuracy between calibration cycles.

Brochure RkT30Cal.pdf

RkT-150F-CAL The RkT-150F-CAL uses an efficient, high-flow cooling fan built into the compact head to continually dissipate up to 150W of optical power. 20kW/cm2 damage threshold, UV to far-IR spectral response, and the CAL Option make this the best probe for mid-power lasers.

Brochure RkT150FCal.pdf


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