Rm-3700 Universal Radiometer

The Rm-3700 Single Channel Universal Radiometer, when used with the correct probe, can measure cw and average power (in Watts), as well as the energy (in Joules) of individual pulses up to 2 kHz, over a wide range of intensities and wavelengths. A high-speed Rs-232 computer interface, full statistical analysis of pulse sets, battery/AC power, and audible tuning are just some of the standard features. This tremendous versatility makes it the ideal instrument for research labs, universities, hospitals, and other facilities with multiple light sources and applications.

Key Benefits
Measure Both Power and Energy
2 k Pulses per second
High Speed Rs-232 Interface
Numeric and Bar Graph Display Modes
Stored Ratioing and Statistical Analysis

Brochure Rm3700.pdf

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