Product Brochure Files
Universal Radiometers
Rm-3700 Universal Radiometer 390 kb Rm3700.pdf
Energy Meters
Rj-7610 and Rj-7620 Energy Meters 150 kb Rj7600.pdf
Power Meters
Rk-5710 and Rk-5720 Power Meters 198 kb Rk5700.pdf
Rk-3100 10 Watt Power Meter 171 kb Rk3100.pdf
Rk-3103 30 Watt Power Meter 156 kb Rk3103.pdf
Rk-3115 150 Watt Power Meter 165 kb Rk3115.pdf
Rk-3160 Silicon Power Meter 179 kb Rk3260.pdf
Power Probes
RkP-465 Silicon Probe 167 kb RkP465.pdf
RkP-485 InGaAs Probe 205 kb RkP485.pdf
RkP-575 Pyroelectric Probe 150 kb RkP575.pdf
RkP-576a Silicon Probe 150 kb RkP576a.pdf
RkT-10 10 Watt Thermopile Probe 144 kb RkT10.pdf
RkT-30-Cal 30 Watt Thermopile Probe 142 kb RkT30Cal.pdf
RkT-150-Cal 150 Watt Thermopile Probe 138 kb RkT150Cal.pdf
Energy Probes
RjP-435 Cavity Pyroelectric Probe 183 kb RjP435.pdf
RjP-445 Flat Pyroelectric Probe 167 kb RjP445.pdf
RjP-465 Silicon Probe 175 kb RjP465.pdf
RjP-485 InGaAs Energy Probe 214 kb RjP485.pdf
RjP-495 Germanium Probe 181 kb RjP495.pdf
RjP-637 Pyroelectric Probe 151 kb RjP637.pdf
RjP-667 Silicon Probe 150 kb RjP667.pdf
RjP-734 Pyroelectric Probe 152 kb RjP734.pdf
RjP-735 Pyroelectric Probe 143 kb RjP735.pdf
RjP-736 Pyroelectric Probe 146 kb RjP736.pdf
RjP-765a Silicon Probe 147 kb RjP765a.pdf
Electrically Calibrated Pyroelectric Radiometer ECPR
Rs-5900 and RsP-590 ECPR System 131 kb Rs5900.pdf
Misc Files
Options and Accessories 1144 kb Option&Access.pdf
Product Overview and Probe Chart 866 kb Overview.pdf
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